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Did you know that Chileans chat in close proximity to one another? Or that in Indonesia you must not call people to you by wiggling your finger at them? The world offers a broad range of interpretations when it comes to manners. Explore that range country by country through this resource. Each country page begins with general information about that locale and then is organized by these categories: Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Resources. The bonus is the Ask button, which takes you to a form that goes to the International Business Center staff who will try to answer your question.


The tag line for this site is "Cross Cultural Solutions." That it is. Kwintessential offers fee-based services, but it also offers links to free resources for international researchers. Take one of the Cross Cultural Quizzes to learn more about what you (and your colleagues) know and don't know. Review Kwintessential's collection of articles for news about the locales where your prospects live or work. When you reach the country-specific pages from the home page's Country Etiquette Guides link, you'll see categories such as dining, greeting and business etiquette as well as the always useful naming conventions for that country. Are you looking for an email translator? You'll find it here.


A good link to stock markets around the world makes every researcher happy. Here's a simple one for the collection, displayed as a continent- or region-centric list. Watch for a few broken links and be sure to have translation tools handy. Each stock exchange home page has a different set of offerings for visitors.

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