California State University, Fullerton


Faculty appointments and ASE are processed through the Faculty Affairs and Records office. There are four
main categories of faculty appointments: Tenure-Track, Lecturer, Substitute, and Student. FAR also handles administrative appointments such as Department Chair, Coordinator and some MPP level appointments.


Human Resource Services (HR)

Human Resource Services at California State University, Fullerton provides leadership for progressive human resources planning, policy design, systems, and services which are aimed at fostering productivity, innovation, and a climate of success in the workplace. We contribute to business strategy development while being mindful of our responsibility
to the greater community and the well-being of out employees.




Diversity and Equity Programs

Information on Affirmative Action and Full Time Faculty Employment Opportunities.

The Office of Diversity and Equity Programs guides, directs, and assists the
administration and the faculty to ensure fair and equal treatment of all individuals in the
various institutional processes which affects education and employment by enforcing all federal/state laws and regulations as well as university policies and procedures related
to civil rights, affirmative action, and non-discrimination.



Forms and Templates

Processing Resources, charts and calculators

Days Remaining Table
Important Dates to Remember
Action Reason Summary
GA WTU/Hours Conversion Chart
Graduate Assistant Appointment Checklist
ISA Appointment Checklist
Teaching Associate Checklist
PIMS Fraction Conversion
PIMS Calculator


Temp Faculty Exception Hiring Process - Please read prior to initiating a manual appointment.  
FAR Form - Review Manual Process Instructions prior to completing form
Lecturer Appointment Letter Template
TA/GA Appointment Letter Template
Unit 11 Job Description Template

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